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Brandt has built a strong reputation of delivering quality custom manufactured products to customers locally and internationally. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with products that are built to their specification and satisfy their time and production requirements. Brandt’s extensive resume displays our capabilities and provides our customers with an all-encompassing solution to fit their custom application.

Brandt Engineered Products Ltd. has sustained consistent growth by tackling challenging projects for a diverse group of clients. Brandt has developed expertise in the design and production of custom equipment for the transmission industry, mining industry, pipe mill equipment, high capacity industrial conveyor systems, and railroad. Brandt provides turn-key installations of equipment systems in North America and abroad.
Typical projects undertaken by Brandt include:
• Design, fabrication, coating, inspection, and logistics management of Transmission Structures.
• Field repair of transmission structures.
• Continuous improvement projects related to improving the quality and life expectancy of equipment and structures.
• Custom design, fabrication and machining for the power generation and transmission industries.
• Mining tools such as underground mobile auxiliary equipment, specialty maintenance lift equipment, dragline booms, bins and scales.
• Pipe mill finishing equipment such as hydrotestors to 20K psi, bevellers, bundling stations, threading tables, feed conveyors, cooling tables and tip tables.
• Railway maintenance equipment including car toppers (OTM), rail tools such as under cutters, and specialty locomotives.
• Miscellaneous projects such as the waste ozonator used by hospitals.

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Brandt Engineered Products

Specializes in innovative machine and system design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning for the tube and pipe and mining industries around the world.         

Manufacturing Capabilities

Brandt has a strong team of certified technicians, machinists, millwrights, industrial mechanics, welders and technologists focused on delivering quality products to the customer. The experienced team at Brandt will creatively apply their specialized knowledge to the customer’s challenging projects. Brandt has a large, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where projects are fabricated, machined and assembled. By following the Lean Manufacturing methodology, we ensure that projects are managed efficiently with a focus on quality throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Total Capacity:                 Over 600,000 square feet

Welding:                           Over 70 machines total, Submerged Arc, TIG, Mig, Stick

Machining:                        30 milling and turning machines, CNC and manual

Sandblast:                         16’ x 16’ x 60’ Wheelabrator Booth

Paint:                                 16’ x 16’ x 60’ Wheelabrator Booth

Specialized capabilities include hydraulic‑cylinder manufacturing/repair, and large gearbox repair.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified

DOT Final Stage Manufacturer

AAR M-1003

Transport Canada

CWB W47.1 – Div 2

CWB W47.2 – Div 2

Professional Engineering Consulting License – APEGS        

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Regina, Saskatchewan   S4P 3R8

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Technical Capability Summary

Grader Blades Grader Blades - Bits Grader Blades - System 2000 Industrial Buildings Industrial Buildings - Steel Industrial Machinery Industrial Machinery - Installation Industrial Machinery - Service Industrial Machinery - Supply Millwright Millwright - Install Millwright - Supply Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Tanks Tanks - Design Tanks - Engineering Tanks - External Tanks - Internal

Conventional oil and gas Engineering

Piping and Plant layout Piping and Plant layout - Lift Studies Piping and Plant layout - MTOs Piping and Plant layout - Model Reviews Piping and Plant layout - Plot Plans

Heavy Equipment

Agricultural Forestry Industrial Machinery Industrial Machinery - Design Industrial Machinery - Engineering Industrial and Oilfield Inspection - Mechanical Inspection - Quality Assurance Mining Mining - Design Mining - Engineering Operation or rental with Operator Parts - Heavy Equipment Rentals - Heavy Equipment Repair Services - Heavy Equipment Repair Services - Portable Line Boring

Instrumentation & Electrical

Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Industrial - Design Equipment, Industrial - Engineering Equipment, Industrial - Installation Equipment, Industrial - Service Equipment, Industrial - Supply Industrial - Design Industrial - Engineering Industrial - Installation Industrial - Service Industrial - Supply

Mechanical & Piping

General Mechanical General Mechanical - Design General Mechanical - Engineering General Mechanical - Installation General Mechanical - Service General Mechanical - Supply Parts - Mechanical & Piping Parts - Mechanical & Piping - Design Parts - Mechanical & Piping - Engineering Parts - Mechanical & Piping - Installation Parts - Mechanical & Piping - Service Parts - Mechanical & Piping - Supply

Metal Fabrication

CWB W47.1 CWB W47.2

Mining Equipment

Custom Vehicle Fabrication Ground Support -Roof Bolters Hard and Soft Rock Hydraulic Cylinders

Professional and Specialized Services

3D Laser Scanning 3D Modelling Custom Machinery Modifications Engineering, Procurment & Construction Management (EPCM) Engineering, Procurment & Construction Management (EPCM) - Construction Engineering, Procurment & Construction Management (EPCM) - Design General Engineering General Engineering - Mechanical Mechanical/Engineering Mechanical/Engineering - 3D Scanning Mechanical/Engineering - Design Mechanical/Engineering - Retrofit Mining Engineering Procurement


Pumps - Pneumatic Pumps - Pneumatic - Design Pumps - Pneumatic - Engineering Pumps - Supply & Repair Pumps - Supply & Repair - Design Pumps - Supply & Repair - Engineering




Welding Machine Consumables Welding Machine Repair Welding Service - CWB

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