Park Derochie Coatings (Saskatchewan) Inc.

Park Derochie Coatings (Saskatchewan) Inc. is part of the PD Group of Companies and provides various services such as: Industrial Coatings, Abrasive Blasting, Fireproofing, Firestopping, Mechanical Insulation, Spray Foam Insulation, and Scaffolding. Park Derochie is by sales volume one of the largest coating contractors in North America. We provide our services in Canada to the Oil and Gas, Mining, and Forestry to list a few. Based in Saskatoon, we have over 18,000 sq. ft. of shop space on 9 acres of land located between Saskatoon and Martensville on highway 12.

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We have a large inventory of equipment ready to provide our client’s need in both shop and field environment. Our employees are highly skilled and trained to meet the client requirements. We have an impeccable Safety program and record, and our Quality Management systems follow ISO standards, however, we are audited and approved by SSPC – Society of Protective Coatings. We will be expanding our presence in Saskatchewan by opening a shop on 5.2 acres in Regina in the fall of 2014.

Contract Sizes: $ 1,000 to $ 50,000,000

Certification Details: SSPC QP ISNetworld CanQual Comply Works

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Head Office

Hwy 12 Industrial Park PO Box 25127
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan   S7K 8B7

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Doug Barker
(306) 934-6665 • (306) 370-0415 • (306) 934-6603
Additional Location #1

1831 Culver Avenue PO Box 26009
Regina, Saskatchewan   S4R 3C0

(306) 546-0555 • (306) 370-0415 • (306) 934-6603

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Technical Capability Summary
Building Finishing - Fireproofing & Sealants

Fireproofing - Board Fireproofing - Paint Fireproofing - Spray Firestopping Sealants & Caulking

Building Finishing - Flooring

Elastomeric Liquid

Building Finishing - Painting & Wall Finishes

Cementitious Coatings Concrete and Masonry Coatings Elastomeric Coatings Epoxy Coatings F.R.P. Coated Panels Fabric-Wrapped Panels Hi-Build Glazed Coatings Painting / Wall Covering Steel Coatings Stretched-Fabric Wall Systems Textured Plastic Coatings


Cleaning and Coating of Tanks Cleaning and Coating of Tanks - External Cleaning and Coating of Tanks - Internal Cleaning or Coating of Pipes Cleaning or Coating of Pipes - External Cleaning or Coating of Pipes - Internal HVAC/Duct Pipeline - Internal


Shotcrete Supply - Grout Supply - Shotcrete


Concrete - Coatings Fireproofing Fireproofing - Cementitious Fireproofing - Commercial Fireproofing - Intumescent Fireproofing - Piping Fireproofing - Tanks Firestopping High Pressure Water Jetting High Pressure Water Jetting - Volume PSI Industrial Air Compressors Insulation Insulation - Buildings Insulation - Mechanical Roofing, Eaves - Spray Foam Scaffolding Spray Foam Insulation Spray Foam Insulation - Buildings Spray Foam Insulation - Roofing Spray Foam Insulation - Skids Tanks - Coatings Tanks - External Tanks - Internal


Management - Project Oil & Gas Operations and Maintenance - Services supplied Quality Assurance/Quality Control Safety

Electrical - Electrical Work

Cathodic Protection


Environmental - Liners - Installation Environmental - Liners - Supply

Heating & Ventilation

Heating Equipment - Supply Portable Heating Equipment - Supply

Heavy Equipment

Inspection - Quality Assurance Inspection - Quality Control Inspection - Structural

Instrumentation & Electrical

Industrial - Service

Mechanical & Piping

Mechanical - Sheet Work and Duct Work Mechanical - Sheet Work and Duct Work - Installation Mechanical - Sheet Work and Duct Work - Service Mechanical - Sheet Work and Duct Work - Supply Mechanical Insulation Mechanical Insulation - Installation Mechanical Insulation - Service Mechanical Insulation - Supply

Professional and Specialized Services

Project Mgmt services - Cost Estimating Project Mgmt services - Cost Mgmt Project Mgmt services - Quality Mgmt


Fireproofing Fireproofing - Cementitious Fireproofing - Intumescent


Blasting Industrial Coatings Industrial Coatings - Field Industrial Coatings - Shop Painting Painting - Commercial Spray Foam Insulation


Supply - Shotcrete Supply - Shotcrete - Quality Control Thermal Metalizing Capability - Cold Spray Thermal Metalizing Capability - HVOF Thermal Metalizing Capability - Plasma Thermal Metalizing Capability - Wire Spray

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